Breakfast smoothies

Hello! Today I am talking about breakfast smoothies. These smoothies are honest-to-goodness. Each of these are mixed of some vegetables and protein. Lately I have been a few healthy goal. I try to start: quiting sugar and eating more some vegetables everyday.  These recipes are according to book „I quit sugar” Sarah Wilson. I really recommend this book for people who want to stay fit and healthy in easy way. Enjoy!

1. Spinach and Banana

I probably make this one the most. To make this one you’ll need: 1/2 banana, 1-2 bunch of spinach and a cup of milk (your fav). Blend well. This one is actually the most green in color, but I think tastes the least vegetable. smoothie 2


2. Beet and Strawberry

Very naturally sweet smoothie. Blend together a few cubes of beets, 5-6 strawberries, and milk. Let this blend on high for a couple minutes so the smoothie gets well mixed. I prefer using almond or soy milk.  I recommend keeping it unsweetened because the flavor of these is so good without any added sweeteners. 🙂

smoothies 5

3. Carrot, Coconut, and Orange

This one is super light and yummy. It’s almost like a juice. For a carrot, coconut, and orange smoothie, blend together: 2-3 cubes carrot/coconut, juice from 2 oranges. Blend well!

smoothies 3

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