„Elementarz stylu” The Review

Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.

Harman Cain

I have recently read more books about fashion. If it comes to finding these kinds of books on the market, there is a wide range. However, if you want to read something special I would like to recommend you the new fashion book, which a title is ‚Elementarz stylu’. This book was written by Kasia Tusk. The author is the one of the best bloggers in Poland. Personally speaking, she is my favourite polish blogger. You must visit www.makelifeeasier.pl


Why is worth reading this book?

First of all, this book is outstanding. This fashion guidebook differs from the other similar publications with such details as: the chic cover, the useful content, a lot of simple advice and the last but not least the charming photos.

In my humble opinion, ‚Elementary stylu’ is the fashion guidebook for many women. The content focuses on the practical advice for teens to career women. This book is like a fashion journey. One can discover the eternal verities such as “less is more” or “What counts is quality, not quantity’’.

To sum up, If you would like to find simple inspirations and be more mindful of quality of life? You should definitely read this book. As a demanding, fussy reader I would like to highlight that reading ‚Elementary stylu’ in the autumnal mood is pure pleasure. Enjoy!

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  • Kasia
    Listopad 15, 2015

    Zdecydowanie mnie do przekonało! 🙂

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