How To Keep Your Life Organised In 2016

Year 2015 is going to end in a couple of days. For each of us, this year has been the period of struggling with time, weaknesses, fear of the unknown or  the future. I have come to the conclusion that the secret of success lies in a good organisation.

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Everything what you do, what is your attitude to the surroundings, it starts with motivation. In my opinion, physical activity is the greatest motivator. It is important to have a goal. Your goal may be unrealistic but it is essential to realize that each day you have to move one small small step.


In 2016 I will use the Sports Calendar. This is an ideal product for the person who is active, working, studying, running. 
Sports Calendar is the only such project on the market. It is not just a calendar, but daily training diary and motivator for the whole year. It contains a tables for record your goals, achievements and results. It has a special field for typing tasks to be performed and grilles to their deselection. 60 pages with pictures of Dominika Cuda complements the motivation aspect. Each month presented other sport. All proceeds from the sale is spent on the purchase clothing and shoes for young athletes. More about the project


ONE YEAR FUND is a fund to support young athletes. All money, that they collect from the sale of the calendar and additional products, they will spent on the purchase of shoes, clothing and equipment for athletes up to 18 years old. 


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