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Today is that day! I am going to Boston! I am so happy! By the way, I have a really long flight. Despite the distance, I know that this month will be wonderful.


I have to admit, I have flown internationally before and this process can be quite daunting for me. What airline should you fly? What do you need to bring? There are so many questions and not a lot of answers available. Today I am sharing my list of things I look for when booking an international flight.

Direct Flights
I always prefer to travel non-stop when possible. It can be more pricey sometimes, but if you look at different times or days you can usually snag a good deal. It cuts down on travel time, and saves you from having to navigate an airport in a (possibly) foreign country. If I can’t travel non-stop, I look for domestic layovers.

Long flights can be rough. Not only are they long, but you’re stuck in a small area with lots of other people. Some airlines have better perks than others. I’ve been on flights where a multi-course meal was served, complete with hot towel service, and others where we were lucky to get a beverage. I personally look for meal service, outlets or USB Plugs, seat back entertainment, and priority boarding.

Baggage is not usually a huge issue for me because I travel light, but some airlines offer larger allowances for international flights which works out better if you are going on a very long trip, or planning to bring back lots of souvenirs. You can pack a carry-on inside of a larger bag if you want to have a big bag to check on the way home.


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