Writing this post from sunny Szczecin I want to share with You my skin care cosmetics must – have. Simple habits, hight quality food and cosmetics are very important in daily life. We are in hurry and in effect we do not have enough time to self. I have applied Clochee skin care for 3 months. I quess it is enough long big time to say: I love this stuff!
Clochee are the beauty products for face and body care which are made from 100% green and only natural certified ingredients. Clochee uses only recyclable and oxo-biodegradable packaging, that can be easily re-filled or recycled. Check this natural cosmetics and enjoy using them everyday!


My daily routine

I use „Nourishing firming cream” which is a complex of the highest fatty acids obtained from linseed. It is high in vitamin F helping to retain water and suppress the aging process. It restores lipids in the skin and provides a soothing protection.

I also love „Intensive moisturising serum”. Moisturising serum improves skin tension, soothes and visibly reduces irritation. Provides effective and fast hydration leaving your skin toned and smooth. It perfectly compliments your face cream. Ideal for dry and sensitive skin types.


Do you want to removes more efficiently waterproof make-up and impurities? Soothing cleansing oil is product which soothes, nourishes and relaxes your skin.


Can you imagine, that Clochee cosmetics comprise of:
– 100% natural ingredients
– Ecocert certified sources (see: Certifying bodies and EU law)
– Organically grown produce from approved farms
– Chemical free mixture

Clochee always chooses:
– Butter from plants
– Cold pressed rich oils
– Natural ethereal oils
– Plant extracts
– Natural conservatives
– Certified active substances

All these cosmetics are ideal for dry and sensitive skin types. I strongly recommend! Enjoy!

  • Daria
    Czerwiec 12, 2015

    Świetny wpis, ja też lubię i używam naturalne kosmetyki, które mam nadzieję niedługo pojawią się na blogu. Czekam na wenę twórczą 🙂 Tej marki nie znałam ale chętnie się zapoznam 🙂

    Udanego weekendu,

    • Ewa
      Czerwiec 13, 2015

      To jedne z niewielu kosmetyków, które mnie nie uczulają! Clochee to jakość luksusowych kosmetyków, które zostały zaprojektowane w Szczecinie! Przy Wojska Polskiego mieści się sklep stacjonarny. Polecam!

  • Tina
    Maj 20, 2016

    No comtialnps on this end, simply a good piece.

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