The most useful thing I have ever learned

Every cloud has a silver lining

Something good comes from something difficult for us. I have had the same experience. That’s why I think my most valuable experience wasn’t studying or learning. It was something what people can’t learn. You must feel this thing.

The venue Nike Women’s Run 10k was something significant and very importent in my life. Now I know my ability, strenght and threshold. Moreover, I am more patient.

The passion is the key to success!




In this year I have got more strength. It means strength to achieve my goals. Now I have known the meaning of ‚the power of worlds’. Moreover, achieving the common goals with team is so difficult. During this process I could realize the power of communication.  Furthermore, I know how to use world to motivate, inspire and encourage. The essential element in the life is the ability to communicate with other people. Additionally, there aren’t questions stupid enough to ask somebody.





Thank Aneta, Matt, Jasiu and Mike for this event! It was unforgettable experience!


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  • Nata
    Sierpień 16, 2015

    Super Ewa-gratuluje! Uwielbiam Cie czytać, jednak przy angielskiej, wersja po polski byłaby bardziej klarowna:) dobrego dnia, Xoxo

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