Travelling can change personality in many ways. In my opinion, this is the most important reason, why everyone should travel. I’ve learned so much during my travels and every time I return home I find myself more ‘educated’ about the world and I just feel as if I gained so much more respect for Mother Earth.

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The value of life

Traveling around the world will give you a different perspective on life and certain things. You’ll see love and grief and you’ll experience how other people live their lives. While seeing and learning about these things you’ll learn to understand the value of everything in life and you’ll get more grateful of it. Personal growth is one of the best things about traveling. I live more maturely.


Traveling broadens horizons

Horizons definitely are broadened while traveling. You’ll learn that experience is more precious than things. You should remember the quote:

Buy experiences, not things

I agree with this quote in a hundred and ten percent! Memories are far more precious in life than new clothes or a slightly more expensive car.

Your will be confident of your future

My confidence definitely grew after I started travel. I learned to rely on myself, I learned to ‘safe’ myself in hard situations and I met people, who helped my confidence. Moreover, you’ll find yourself in different or hard situations where you have to ‘rescue’ yourself.

You’ll respect different cultures more

Respecting new cultures and learning about them is a big part of traveling and this is the main reason why people travel in the first place. Experience in different cultures will definitely change you! You’ll learn to understand people, adjust to different situations, new places very easily and love them.

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Now, I am preparing to set out long travel. It is a dream comes true. Full details soon!






  • Voguerka
    Sierpień 30, 2015

    Baw się dobrze w swojej kolejnej wielkiej podróży 🙂 Czekam na relacje na IG <3 do zobaczenia! :*

  • Nata
    Sierpień 30, 2015

    Ewo byłabym wdzięczna za pisanie rownież w Naszym ojczystym języku… Przekaz tekstu smakuje wtedy zdecydowanie lepiej … Pozdrowienia

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